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Thread: DirecTV vs Dish

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    DirecTV vs Dish

    So I've had DirecTV since the first day they came out back when it was PrimeStar.... Anyhoo... I did some checking today and noticed I can get Dish for exactly half the price of DirecTV with basically the same channels. The Dish price is guaranteed for two years. Anyone make the switch? Anything I should know about?

    I think it's bullshit I've been a customer with DirecTV for 25 years and I can get satellite TV from the competitor for half the cost. In 25 years we've never even been late on a payment.... screw customer loyalty.


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    I currently have Dish over DTV because they have the PAC 12 network.

    In the past, Iíve switched back and forth a few times , for the same reason I regularly change insurance companies. They have low introductory teaser rates to lure you in, and then count on you starting with them forever and not changing companies, even as they increase their rates on you every year.
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    Same problema few years ago. I call up Direct and tell them I want in on the better deals. Kid tells me he can't give existing customers that kind of deal - 15 years at that time. I ask for a supervisor... same story. I tell them that Dish is kissing my ass to switch over. Noting that once I switch Direct will start kissing my ass to get me back. I suggest we skip all the ass kissing and just skip to the part where they give me the deal. Big pause... "OK"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BasinCruiser View Post
    I currently have Dish over DTV because they have the PAC 12 network
    Pac-12 Network is free live on YouTube internationally. VPN to Europe and voila. Did that a few times this season.

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