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Thread: Forest Service eases disclosure on ski area fees after complaint by Vail Resorts

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    Forest Service eases disclosure on ski area fees after complaint by Vail Resorts

    Who else researches ski resorts and determines which one they go to based on the Forest Service Fees they pay out? Yeah, me neither. I don't get why they want to be so secretive about how much is paid to the FS.

    “The ski industry is highly competitive, now more than ever with the recent consolidation.” Vail’s permit fees must be confidential, Jarnot argued, “in part to prevent its sensitive financial and commercial information from being discovered by its competitors who are vying for the same skiers and guests within the same or similar markets.”
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    I would guess you would have to find out how the fees are determined. My guess is they are negotiated with the individual forest the resort is located on.

    I'm sure that VR can bring some pretty high powered negotiators to the table.

    The consolidation of the industry has uped the competition and narrowed the margins quite a bit.

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