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Thread: Capitol Reef NP Pilot Canyoneering Permit System

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    Capitol Reef NP Pilot Canyoneering Permit System

    Date: December 16, 2019
    Contact: Joshua Olson, 435-425-4132
    Capitol Reef National Park will begin a pilot mandatory Canyoneering Permit System starting January 1, 2020. Permits will be free of charge and require self-registration located at the Capitol Reef National Park Visitor Center or online on the park website. These permits will be required for all canyoneering and climbing activities within the park.

    Capitol Reef National Park staff have observed a substantial increase in canyoneering and rock climbing activities in the park in the past 10 years. The pilot permit system will allow managers to track use and determine levels and locations of activity. Regulations are listed on the permit and on the park website. No personal information is required and there is no limit to the number of permits given.

    Capitol Reef manages backcountry camping with a similar permit system. Permits are free of charge and while there are limits to the number of people in a group, there are no limits to the number of permits given at this time. Backcountry permits are still issued at the visitor center, not online.

    These efforts help park managers understand visitor use and recreation and the impacts to park resources, which provides valuable information when making management decisions to preserve and protect Capitol Reef. Canyoneering and rock climbing are inherently dangerous recreational activities and visitors should exercise caution and prepare accordingly. The park does not provide assistance or information regarding canyoneering or climbing routes, or preparation, so please plan ahead.

    To acquire a permit, visitors can either fill one out in person at the Visitor Center or do so online at the park website To learn more about Capitol Reef National Park visit or contact the park at 435-425-3791.

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    Appears to be a sensible approach, at least for the pilot scheme.


    (Welcome, Capitol Reef NP and Joshua)!

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    We all knew it would be a matter of time. Cassidy Arch is getting ridiculous...

    Thanks for sharing the update!

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    Below are some recent updates to the canyoneering regulations at Capitol Reef National Park:

    For the protection of park resources, canyoneering groups are limited to a maximum of eight people, with some exceptions for certain routes near the Fruita area. Ask at the visitor center for details. Capitol Reef is a clean canyoneering area. Minimum impact techniques that do not damage or destroy rock or other park resources are required:

    • Canyoneering groups are limited to 12 persons per group in the following technical canyons:
    Cassidy Arch Canyon • Na-Gah• Arch Nemesis • Beaver Bay• Old School • Wives: 1,2,3,4,5 & 6
    Bolts may be replaced only if an existing bolt is unsafe.
    The installation of new fixed anchors (bolts, pitons, etc.) is prohibited.
    The use of power drills is prohibited.
    Where it is necessary to leave or replace existing webbing, the webbing should be black or closely match the color of the surrounding rock.
    Protection may not be placed with the use of a hammer except to replace existing belay and rappel anchors and bolts on existing routes, or for emergency self-rescue.
    Physical alteration of rock faces is prohibited, such as chiseling, glue reinforcement of existing holds, trundling rocks, and gluing of new holds.
    It is prohibited to wrap webbing or rope, or rappel off any arch with an opening greater than three feet.
    The intentional removal of lichen or plants from rock is prohibited. Potential seasonal closures or use limits may be in effect during your visit. Check at the visitor center for current closures or limits.
    The installation of new fixed anchors (bolts, pitons, etc.) is prohibited.
    Potential seasonal closures or use limits may be in effect during your visit. Check at the visitor center for current closures or limits

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