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Thread: Happy Birthday Bogley - 15 Years!

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    Happy Birthday Bogley - 15 Years!

    How long have you been around these parts? How did you hear about Bogley? Curious how everyone got connected.

    Yep, it's now been 15 years. It was December of 2004 and my oldest child was just 2 years old. I was sitting in the office (my first job out of college, 2003) and wanted to figure out a way to stay in touch with friends. This was well before Facebook took off or any big social networks. I found a forum software called phpBB. Then with the limited skills I had from my college web design classes, I installed the software on a web server I had and started creating topics. I emailed @Sombeech and @rockgremlin to tell them about it.

    A few months later @Iceaxe joined and brought his posse from a Yahoo Group. From there it continued to spread and the rest is history.

    It was of course called back in those days...

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    Well...y'all may notice that my "Join Date" is the same as Acca's: December 2004.

    I was one of the first Uutah pioneers.

    Btw, don't believe my post count - I had Sombeech jack that number way up to make me look cool.
    "The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man." -Malcolm X

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  6. #3 is still a great domain name. 15 years, wow

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    Happy birthday... Looks like I caught on about 9 months later...

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    I came in '11 and I was know as Byron. This place was really jumping then. Lots of activity. Then sometime in '14 I pissed somebody off real good around here and got banned, or at least "access denied" I just bailed. Didn't even come in to take a look. Didn't even think about it.

    Then when Trump got going I thought to come in and see what was going on, 'cuz I figured it would be epic. And it was!

    4 years later and damn near half of them are gone!
    Suddenly my feet are feet of mud
    It all goes slo-mo
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    I showed up in 2008 following sombeech's spam and bold faced recruiting efforts on

    By then it was already called bogley, so I missed all that uutah stuff. Was active for a while then disappeared for several years. After a while I got curious what was going on and checked back in. Now I'm hooked again. Thanks a lot.

    Congrats on the anniversary. That's a big deal.

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    I had a young 20-something friend (price1869) tell me the Yahoo Groups sucked and I should move my forums to a more modern platform and lose the boomer forums. I have no clue how Price knew about Uutah but he said you should talk with these guys as they have a great forum but they need members and traffic to populate it, which you could easily provide.

    I wanted a forum I could partner with my website, but I didn't want to manage the nuts, bolts and headaches of managing the forum. So I went to lunch with Accadacca and we worked out some details and Uutah (now Bogley) really took off as a collective effort, with everyone really working towards the same common goal. Bogley has changed a lot over the 15 years but it's still a fun place to hang out provided you're not a snowflake whose feelings are easily hurt.... LOL...

    FWIW - turned 21 last month and is now old enough to legally buy beer :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by devo_stevo View Post
    I showed up in 2008 following sombeech's spam and bold faced recruiting efforts on

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    Joined in Dec. 2004. Well........ there's 14 years I'll never get back.
    Life is Good

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    That's the one, right there.

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    Ha ha, yeah I had some spamming techniques that I would frown upon today. I didn't count on becoming friends with a lot of those that I spammed. Fortunately most of them forgave me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devo_stevo View Post
    I showed up in 2008 following sombeech's spam and bold faced recruiting efforts on .
    I seem to recall that, I lurk there also when I remember to check in (as iceaxe there since 03'... ) but at the time it was too many forums too little time, though the idea of a multiple/various outdoor activity forum appealed. Then one day, on ExpeditionUtah iirc, A friend (IntrepidXJ) posted about going to Bogleyfest and I was thinking along with the rest who responded - A what-fest?

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    We're all here, because we ain't all there.
    I came in 07, I was hired by the Russians.
    I'm not Spartacus

    It'll come back.

    Professional Mangler of Grammar

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    I lurked for a long time. I started with but didn't sign up for quite awhile. Always enjoyed the trip reports and other activities.
    Now I laugh at all the memes.
    See a few bogleyites in passing but hate to seem like a stalker. :) So I don't introduce myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by middlefork View Post
    See a few bogleyites in passing but hate to seem like a stalker. :) So I don't introduce myself.
    Oh yeah?

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    Resident Southern Belle savanna3313's Avatar
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    Southern transplant......again.....this time to Southern Utah!
    Hmmm......I've been here so long that I am old and senile now. I don't remember how I got here! Perhaps because I am easily amused?
    Never regret anything that made you smile!

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    I don't even remember how I heard about uutah. Prolly some of @Somebeech's spamming. But I'm member #101 and still lurking most of the time, and occasionally posting TRs.
    Blog | FB

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    On a mountain, somewhere.
    So, where did the name 'bogley' come from, anyway?
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    BOGLEY is the first initials of my last 6 girlfriends

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