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Thread: "Richard Jewell" movie paints press as corrupt & immoral

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    "Richard Jewell" movie paints press as corrupt & immoral

    Timing is everything for living legend Clint Eastwood.

    The actor/director served up*American Sniper*after Hollywood stopped firing cinematic shots at the U.S. Military. The results?*Sniper*earned*$350 million*at the U.S. box office.

    Two years later Eastwood directed*Sully,*just when movie goers craved a true American hero story. That movie hauled in $125 million domestically.

    He may have topped himself with*Richard Jewell.*The film, out Dec. 13, recalls how the FBI and media unfairly painted the portly security guard as the main suspect in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing. The blast killed one and injured 111 people.

    The far-left*Hollywood Reporter*praised*Richard Jewell,*but it did something else with its glowing review. It confirmed what many suspected from the*filmís trailer. The movie*savages the mainstream press.

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    I remember when I was around 14 years old...I had a class in school that was teaching us about the "media" of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and how corrupt it was. I think the point was to highlight how a lack of detail or incomplete information can have bad effects. I remember headlines from major newspapers that had no real basis in fact. Opinion masquerading as reality. I also remember the political cartoons that were outrageous along with caricatures of those that were described as "Robber Barrons" of the day. I learned no to believe everything you read or see on TV then and there.

    It was actually highlighted when Reagan got elected...for those of you that are old enough, they treated him much the same way they're treating Trump. They INSISTED he was going to get us into a nuclear war, that he was a stupid fool in over his head. They hated him. Hollywood bought into it big time, too...all kinds of music and movies about WW3 one way or another were all over the place. People were digging holes in the ground. I had friends going on and on about how our days were numbered.

    I though it was all just so stupid...if anything, this guy was going to keep us out of war because nobody would screw with him. Which is exactly what happened. He brought our greatest enemy ever to their knees. The media were fighting against him the whole time...trying to get rid of his ass just like they are with Trump. Remember Iran-Contra? Reagan survived that, Trump will survive this.

    Funny...I still have friends that think our days are numbered, the only thing that has changed it what is going to do us in. I felt sorry for my friends that thought that way when I was younger, now I just think they're foolish.

    Yeah...have more babies, and then go along with the propaganda that convinces them that before they reach middle age they're toast. Brilliant.
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