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Seinfeld - 037 - The Good Samaritan
Guest Stars
Melinda McGraw [ Angela ],
Ann Talman [ Robin ],
Joseph Malone [ Michael ],
Helen Slater [ Becky Gelke]

Broadcast 4 Mar 92
Written by:: Peter Mehlman
Directed by: Jason Alexander


(Jerry is driving alone talking on his car phone to Elaine at home in her
Elaine: You know it's bad enough you have a car phone, you have to use the

Jerry: It's safer! Plus it's more annoying to the other person.

(Driver cuts in front of Jerry)
Jerry: Oh look at this guy.

Elaine: What's goin' on?

Jerry: Oh there's a guy trying to get in front of me, he has to ask
permission. Yes. Go ahead. Get in, get in.

Elaine: Did you get a thank you wave?

Jerry: No, nothing. How could you not give a thank you wave? Hey buddy!
Where's my thank you wave?

(Jerry sticks his head out the window)
Jerry: Give me that wave!


Nice job. I stand corrected.