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Thread: Can somebody explain the LeBron - China thing for me

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    Can somebody explain the LeBron - China thing for me

    I don't follow sports much, can somebody fill me in with what these new memes are about, something about LeBron James selling out to China?


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    Started with this

    Houston Rockets GM apologizes for Hong Kong tweet after China consulate tells team to ‘correct the error’

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    The Reader's Digest condensed version is Labron basically told the US population to STFU and stop supporting Hong Kong and their struggles to keep their human rights because it would hurt his income.

    The NBA is huge in China. Most people don't understand that China is currently the NBA's cash cow and not the US. China doesn't want the NBA or its players to support Hong Kong or say anything negative against China or they will turn off the cash flow. So far the NBA and Labron are honoring and supporting the Chinese demand....

    China is basically threatening economic sanctions against the NBA if they don't get in line and stay there.

    Hope that helps.

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    It seems like some of the guys that kneel for the US Flag will support China at the same time.

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    Now you are starting to understand... you can also add all large companies with major Chinese business ties into the mix. Apple and Nike are currently the most notable and are taking heat for a stance similar to Labron. The difference is Labron is just a rich dumbass that can play ball and Apple/Nike are filled with brilliant minds who are much smarter and more stealthy at accomplishing their goals.

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    All you really need to know is that Mr. James has a little bit of shit for brains. That's all.
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    Beyond the NBA, LeBron has his Space Jam 2 movie slated for release in China in the near future. Huge dollars in that.

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    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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