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Thread: Breach Birth in Hog 2 10/06/2019

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    Breach Birth in Hog 2 10/06/2019

    Hog 2 in the Hogs Springs area of North Wash is famous for that sinuous and cavity like Navajo sandstone formation
    at the very end of the canyon and aptly named - The Birth Canal.
    Some have down climbed it, we chose to rappel it.

    I'm a bit premature with that description, let me start at the beginning.

    The entrance to the canyon has delivery options; down climb or rappel
    We chose the rappel after rebuilding the anchor.

    Down canyon, the walls provide multiple contractions requiring squeezing, stemming and grunting.
    Breathe everybody.... breathe.

    There is a chamber rappel mid canyon that goes free hang, the lighting and atmosphere in there is amazing...
    a time to relax gain a new perspective .... to think about your future.

    The canyon end came all too quick as the final birth canal exit popped us born again canyoneers out into the open world.

    Feet first on that one!

    Wonderful canyon!

    Thanks to my canyoneering partners Jessica, Jeremy and Lorin and for taking great pictures

    All photos here :

    Some of my favorite photos

    Name:  hog0030.jpg
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    Name:  hog0036.jpg
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    Name:  hog0120.jpg
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    Don't believe everything you think.

    -Borrowed from a bumper sticker I believe

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    I love that "Hog ll Birth Certificate"

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