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Thread: Circuses struggling to find new clowns as top prospects continue to go into politics

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    Circuses struggling to find new clowns as top prospects continue to go into politics

    Circuses are struggling to fill clown positions as top prospects are often heading into politics instead, it’s emerged.

    The number of circus clowns has shrunk to a dangerously low level – and politics is being blamed for snatching up all the best prospects.

    ‘We used to have half a dozen clowns in our circus. Now we have just one because the rest have retired or gone into politics. And young prospects aren’t even considering a career in the circus any more,’ said Richard Majesty, a worried ringmaster.

    ‘You just have to look at the current political figures to see where they’ve snatched talent from us. Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jeremy Corbyn all would have made excellent clowns. Even across the pond, they have Donald Trump,’ Majesty sighed.

    Circuses have found they just can’t compete with the money and attention that surrounds politics. Instead, a group of circuses are considering joining forces to become their own political party.

    ‘Although I doubt anyone will notice anything different about us,’ said Richard.

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