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Thread: Looking for partners with similar experience

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    Looking for partners with similar experience

    Hey guys, I just got back into canyoneering after years of living in California. I知 originally from Utah and got into technical canyoneering when I was living here in 2009. I have a lot of experience climbing and hiking and have recently got back in to it. I am hoping to explore various regions, I have recently done canyons in Zion, Escalante and capitol reef and would love to hook up with folks looking to do more adventurous routes.

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    Hey I'll be in Utah most of the month of March. I have plans to climb in Jtree towards the beginning of the month and will be meeting up with my brother to do some canyoneering etc during the middle of the month. It sounds like we probably have similar experience. Let me know if you can get into some canyons in March!

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    I will definitely be able to, but I have to solidify my days off at a new job, what I壇 your availability?

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    I'll have pretty free availability once I'm out of Jtree. I'll be with my brother from the 14th to the 21st and will be doing some canyoneering with him. After the 21st I'll be completely free to go anywhere any time. Let me know! I'm super flexible.

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    My days off will be Monday and Tuesday, do you have any canyons in particular you would like to do?

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    I can work with that. I don't have any specific canyons yet. A list is in the works. I'm still very much in the realm of seeking the classics and the "must do's" but am pretty open to any cool experience.

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    Hey man what is your availability again? Maybe we could do some canyons next week?

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    I値l actually be in escalate tomorrow. Not sure how long I値l hang around without partners but was planning on a few days. I知 doing it day by day so send me the dates you壇 be able to go out and I値l see what I can commit to.

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    Are you still looking for hiking partners in southern Utah? If so, myself and my buddy Andrew will be in the Zion area between 9/17-21, 2020 if you would like to tag along and figure out what canyons we would like to explore.

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