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    Cafe Rio

    Years ago Bo Beck gave an enthusiastic recommendation that I should try Cafe Rio, but when passing thru St. George I've yet to stray from In-N-Out Burger. Last week another Beck (Glenn on the radio) was regaling his audience about Cafe Rio. Glenn had a guy fly from Utah to Texas and deliver a load of Cafe Rio food in time for his wife's birthday party.

    No Cafe Rios here in the Raleigh area but I'm likely passing thru St. G. in November. Fans of Cafe Rio: what should I order?

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    IMHO, they used to be great, but since they've been sold (a few times), food quality has deteriorated and most burrito's, etc are now like 80% filler (rice/beans). That being stated, the Sweet Pork Barbacoa Burrito isn't too shabby.
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    Iím a big fan of the chicken salad with mango dressing.

    And be prepared to wait about 8 hours for your food.

    You will be line with 40 other people, while one person puts your order together, while the cashier sits there and doesnít help, and the other 12 workers are in the back cooking wayyyyy too many tortillas and not helping the sole person put your order together. So frustrating watching the madness...

    But that salad though...

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    15 years ago I used to be a huge Cafe Rio fan, but not so much anymore.

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    I was forced to go by relatives many times years ago and didn't particularly see what the big deal was then.

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    I like Costa Vida better because CV has refried beans and Cafe Rio does not.
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    If my choice is between In-N-Out (limp fries are gross fries) and Cafe Rio, I take Cafe Rio anytime.

    Second Costa Vida being better. I always get a smothered chicken burrito with mild sauce and pico at both.

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    Costa Vida is better and there are a couple in St George! I agree with the Cafe Rio sentiments. I think the tortillas are better at Costa Vida too.

    At CV, I like the pork burrito with house dressing or my favorite is two pork enchiladas!

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    There's a Mexican hole-in-the-wall a few miles away. I used to eat there frequently...excellent food, very authentic. Little Anita's.

    About 6 months ago I was waiting for my to go order...behind the cashier is an opening where you can see the three Mexican guys preparing the food. The dude steaming the tortillas put his finger in his nose, plucked a booger, rolled it up and flicked it. Completely oblivious that I was looking right at him.

    I stood up and walked out of the place...didn't even want the grub. $12 down the drain. Haven't been back since.
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