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Thread: How to protest on Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Plan

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    How to protest on Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Plan

    Refer to section 2.3.14 Recreation and Visitor Services about how the new management plan may affect the outdoor community.
    Alternativ E is the proposed plan.

    "The plans also greatly expand access for recreation on lands remaining in the monument, with expanded visitor services and signs, group size limits lifted to as many as 50 people, and allowing competitive sporting events, such as next month’s Grand to Grand Ultra footrace, which currently is routed outside the monument. To make matters worse, the BLM is going to prioritize motorized recreation across a large swath of the original 1.9 million acres.”
    read more from salt lake tribune:

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkthetaco View Post
    To make matters better, the BLM is going to prioritize motorized recreation across a large swath of the original 1.9 million acres.
    Fixed it for ya.
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    I would like to see the entire proposed management plan --- not just ultra-liberal SLTribune's interpretation of it.

    Most of the time these large management plans are reasonable, but if you ask Brian Maffly the hack writer for the SL Tribune, the sky is perpetually falling.

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    i hear ya........all sides matter.
    here ya go, 274 pages for you to read tonight :) enjoy

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    I can wait to read Rockgremlin's synopsis tomorrow morning.


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    I'll be spending a week in Escalante next month. I'll pay a visit to the BLM office there as well as cruise all around the HRR. I'll see for myself the death and destruction...I'll come back and give a status report!

    I would also reckon that when I roll into there next year things will just be the same as always. Aside from Coyote Gulch being gang banged pretty good I really don't see any issues. There's lots of old roads out there...I would guess that the worst thing to happen is bikes/ATVs are out cruising them. So what?

    I can't see Escalante turning into a Moab. It's too far in and there's no water. Heck, I'd like to drive my truck down some of those backroads.

    There's plenty of solitude for everyone down there, I think.
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    One irony of the modern land conservation movement is its reliance on government action to "save" some area. But the very designations desired, federal park and monument declarations, invariably draws interest to an area. It's just reality.

    I've frequented GSENM since 2005. Not long compared to lifeline Utah residents, but long enough to be sad to see the increased traffic.

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