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Thread: Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy

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    Visiting the USA

    The irony is that I spend so much time in the USA (3 times a year at least) because I love it so much, and the people.

    But I could never live there, because of the extreme Nationalism and the ultra-religious nature of your nation.

    But I do like to visit. I hope I do not cause offence.

    All the best,

    I'm thinking under the right circumstances you could live happily just about anywhere in the USA. I once lived a whole year in Kansas. Wasn't so bad. When I'd get a day off I'd drive over to Joplin and gaze at a tree. Now if I had to live in England I think it would be Midsomer. Such lovely murders there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uintafly View Post
    There is a joke one could make about the majority of this board being more than willing to to strap on the kneepads if trump whipped it out,
    ummm,No---that would require one to be a liberal democrat and none of us will ever stoop so low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldno7 View Post
    ummm---so it's o.k. to be a hypocrite in jolly ol "ENGLAND" but un savory to you in the US?

    Well---alrighty then...

    I don't like them anywhere.

    And seriously--If you watched TV evangelism while here

    You and 2 others were the only ones...
    It was not, and is not my intention to be a hypocirte, so my apologies if you are offended.

    I'll bow out of this discussion.

  6. #44 one is offended. I'm not.

    We Yanks and you Brits have been going on about stuff like this for ages. I've got a couple Brit friends...they just agree with me when I say things like "America's great" and we get along wonderfully.
    In it's right place

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    From my Facebook feed:

    "Taco Bell was voted the best Mexican Restaurant in America.

    That, folks, is why we have the Electoral College"

    True dat!
    Life is Good

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