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Thread: Little Jamaica Springs in Littlefield Arizona

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    Little Jamaica Springs in Littlefield Arizona

    This is a fun little swimming hole for the kids to visit not too far outside of St George when you're visiting, and you've done everything in Zion(s), and Pioneer Park is crowded. As you're driving towards Mesquite NV and Las Vegas, just as you exit the Virgin River canyon in Arizona, the first exit with the Pilot gas station will take you to Little Jamaica, located in Littlefield Arizona.

    FYI, road construction in the canyon makes for long traffic delays on the freeway, so Littlefield is also a great detour getting back to St George, it will bring you near Gunlock and through Santa Clara. We drove this way to and from, taking about 35 minutes each.

    Google Maps location here:

    This will park you up top where you can hike down (short 100 yard hike). You can also pull off the next exit and navigate your way downstream and park your vehicle under the freeway overpass. I recommend parking up top though and just make the short hike.

    Here's a little video I shot:

    Here's a great perspective posted earlier by @jman although I can't find the thread.

    So we were thinking we would visit this place Sunday evening hoping the crowds were gone, but to our surprise there were about 100 people there at 7:30 pm. BBQ, lots of camp chairs set up, people hanging out in the river. But it was still good to visit and check this one off the list.

    This is not a hot/warm spring, I think the Virgin River was a few degrees warmer too, flowing in the hot August sun.

    There is no restroom, so WALK CAREFULLY through the bushes and weeds This place is seeing a ton of traffic too. I heard rumors that it was all closed and shut down, but it was as open as could be when we visited this weekend.

    The view from the hike down

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    Looks like a shitshow as far as crowds go. Geez, it rivals Moab's Mill Creek at this point.

    Pretty cool little spring though - interesting geologic feature.
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    Little Jamaica Springs in Littlefield Arizona

    I filmed that back in Feb of 2018 and it was great - just my mother, brother and I were there.

    We escaped the cold and snow in Northern Utah and went to St George for a week and brought my drone to scope out it out. We swam around in the 70 degree water and it was refreshing, but brisk.

    Maybe thatís the only way to beat the crowds is go NOT in summer.

    Itís funny though, the ďdismantlingĒ news article referenced my drone video and suddenly I had 2000+ views on it in one day. (I mean itís no 45,000,000 views like Justin...but hey.. )

    I filmed it with the Mavic Pro 1 and so Iím sure your vid will be a much higher quality one. And of course, get shared on social media and news outlets in the millions. Thatís my hunch

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    Nah, I think you got some better angles and clips than I did with my drone. It was so crowded, I didn't want to fly long and didn't want to hover over anybody or create noise, drowning out the hispanic fiesta music.

    I only flew a short time, and those were far away shots, straight above. I did walk through with the GoPro, we'll see how that goes.

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    Nice videos, beech.

    Whats the history of the name?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldno7 View Post
    Nice videos, beech.

    Whats the history of the name?
    Thanks, I assume the name Little Jamaica comes part from it's location in Littlefield, and then the locals seeing nothing but sand and rocks for miles see this one green spot and Jamaica is the first thing they can think of. That's my best guess.

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