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Thread: Summer at Bear Lake

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    Summer at Bear Lake

    Bear Lake is a favorite family retreat, specifically Ideal Beach Resort just south of Garden City Utah.

    Here's a drone timelapse I shot yesterday.

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    The kids out on the water

    If you're in the Northern Utah area and would like to rent some SUP boards, contact Rachel

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    Very cool video. I like the shadows of the clouds passing by across the lake.

    What's the battery life for your drone? Since it appears it was airborne for a little while I assume you have the flight plan on a predetermined route -- and then you just hit play and let it go by itself for a while?


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    Thanks, I thought the clouds would look cool. It's amazing looking down when something is in the shadow, that changes the whole perspective, like it's a cloudy, overcast day. Then when the sun is out in those gaps it's a nice sunny day. But it's the same day from above.

    My Phantom 4, I bought it when it was the latest and greatest, but now it's aging, 3 years old. I can get about 24 minutes of flight time per battery and I carry 3.

    For timelapse shots like this, the course has to be steady and smooth as possible, so I'm able to tap to a place on the screen and say "fly here" at this speed, which was 2MPH for this video, and it was about 13 minutes. I could have gone longer, but it takes time to fly around, look for the best shot, adjust the exposure, get the angle, and then set the course. Then I've gotta save a little juice to bring it back to me and land safely in the end.

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