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Thread: My New Toy - Part II

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    My New Toy - Part II

    Meet my new toy... It's a 2011 Corvette, with only 24k miles. I pretty much stole this car as the guy was in a major bind and needed the cash by Saturday. The guy took the car to CarMax to wholesale it and when the CarMax guys turned their backs I told him I'd give him $500 more than CarMax offered. The guy was thrilled to make an extra $500 and I bought a car I could easily flip and make $3000 to $4000 on. CarMax was pretty much robbing the guy.

    Anyhoo... we decided to keep this car as our new toy. When you stand on the gas driving this car you had better make sure it's pointing in the correct direction because all hell breaks loose when it comes up on the cam at about 3,000 rpm. If you turn off the traction control it pretty much fries the tires anytime you stand on the loud pedal.

    Drop a gear and disappear....

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    So I spent the past week bringing this bad boy up to Ice standards. First thing was to detail the entire car and engine bay.

    Then the real fun started... I added a Mild to Wild exhaust system, Air Raid cold air induction and a ZR1 wicker bill (spoiler).

    Next up will probably be reprogramming the ECM (Electronic Control Module) so I can remap the throttle to be more linear so I can steer the car easier with my right foot like God intended.

    This car is wicked fast :-)

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    I spent the afternoon putting a set of Z51 sway bars on the Corvette. I thought the Corvette cornered flat before, but with the new bars it drives like it's on rails. It's amazing how fast that car can get through a turn.

    I swapped the front 25.5 mm sway bar for a 31.0 mm bar, and I swapped the puny 17.5 mm rear sway bar for a 25.4 mm bar.
    I could always feel the rear outside corner of the Corvette wallow or sit down when existing a corner hard, but that is no more. Just when I thought the car couldn't be any more fun to drive and BOOM, it's even better.

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    So last week I posted on Facebook that I was looking for someone local with airbrush skills to paint the Corvette emblem on the hood liner of my new Corvette. My cousin, who owns the Projects & Dreams Hot Rod Shop in Salt Lake City told me he had a talented gentleman by the name of Jorge Hidalgo working for him that could probably do it. I dropped off the hood liner last week and picked it up this morning. What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    What do you think?

    Looks like you've got your dick down deep for Chevy, that's for sure. I actually dove one of those...a 2011 brand new. A customer of mine had just bought it while I was painting his house. Before I even turned the engine over he said "DON"T step on it".

    I drove it 23 miles thru the city (we went to a Nuggets game that night) and it scared the shit out of me. I tried to act cool, though.

    It's just that I've been driving pickup trucks and a couple '60s land yachts all my life. Been in some fast cars, but never drove one. Quite an experience.

    BTW, how much does the insurance on that thing cost per month? I'm just curious, and my best guess is about $130 bucks.
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    Insurance is dirt cheap as it's insured as a specialty car. I pay $600 a year for full coverage, zero deductible, $500,000/$1,000,000 coverage, roadside service and the tow truck is guaranteed to be a rollback. On my 1970 Corvette I only paid $300 a year for the same coverage and the cars are worth roughly the same.

    The rules... the car can't be my daily driver (I have to own another car), the car has to be garaged, no one under 25 can drive it. They used to put mileage limits per year but don't do that anymore.

    You insure a specialty car with what is called agreed value insurance. I tell the insurance company what the car is worth and if they agree that's what it is insured for and what your premium is based on. The best part is if there is a claim there is zero hassle as we have ready agreed they will pay up to the agreed amount.

    Not too shabby don't ya think?

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    So today I added a Vitesse Throttle Controller to the Corvette. This allows me to remap the throttle settings to whatever I like. The advantage to this is I can dial out the throttle lag that GM dials into all their cars to make them more manageable for grandma to drive. It also allows me to create a more linear feel so it mimics the older muscle cars back in the day when cars actually had a throttle cable and not a fly by wire system. Currently on GM cars when the throttle is depressed halfway the throttle body is really only open 30%, now my cars throttle body is open 50% when the throttle is depressed halfway. It really makes the car a lot more fun to drive.

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    So today I installed a catch-can on the Corvette. I had the Vette spread out in a hundred piece across the driveway when the dumbest problem in the world had me stumped for 45 minutes. Who would have ever guessed there is a stupid tiny lever you have to flip to unplug a PCV valve on a modern GM product. It would have been somewhat easy to unplug the PCV if you could actually see the connection, but GM hid it under the throttle body so you have to figure it all out by feel in a space where your hands don't actually fit. Oh well... it's all back together now.

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