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Thread: Heading to the US for two weeks - looking to meet people!

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    Heading to the US for two weeks - looking to meet people!


    I'm a Brit who's heading over to the USA for two weeks, 17th to 31st August.

    I got the slot canyon bug a few years ago and always look forward to getting out to the Colorado Plateau. I'd started planning a trip for this year but my friend who would normally join can't make it now... and so I'm keen to meet some people who fancy joining for any of the days, or I'd be equally keen to join any existing plans people might have made, etc.

    First, a little bit about me:

    In 2013 my friend and I made various plans for the National Parks, including taking the riverboat shuttle to The Maze in Canyonlands. The NP shutdown took place and we had to frantically make alternative plans, and this led to us heading to Escalante and doing Round Valley Draw, Zebra, Tunnel, Spooky and Peekaboo slots. Quite fortuitous, as it turned out, as we loved them.

    We returned a few years later in 2017 eager to expand our skills and tackle more technical canyons, so we did a 1 day course at Lambs Knoll. Unfortunately, my friend then had to head off last minute for some work and I was on my own - but I'd already secured a permit for Subway and wasn't going to miss out. So I ended up soloing Diana's Throne and Subway as my first technical canyons before we then met up again and did Keyhole together. We'd also had a crack at Fry Canyon but even though the forecast seemed fine, I didn't like the look of the clouds above us right when it was time to rappel, and so we turned round on that one.

    I took some time to read up online and practice various things we hadn't covered in the course (e.g. tying ropes together with a fisherman's, which we ultimately needed for Benson Creek as we've typically rappelled double strand) and in 2018 we did another trip and rattled through Benson Creek, Birch Hollow, Egypt 3, Goblin Valley and Tenaya Canyon (Yosemite). Want a trip report and lots of photos? Go here.

    My Initial Plans

    I'd contemplated doing something along these lines:

    19th August - I was just going to warm up in something easy like Ghost Rider
    20th August - a Zion Canyon, perhaps Misery
    21st August - another Zion Canyon, perhaps Pine Creek

    22nd August - a North Wash Canyon(s), was looking at Leprechaun, Blarney, Arscenic as options
    23rd August - more time in North Wash, same options

    24th August - hike down from the Grand Canyon South Rim to Bright Angel campground (already got the campground permits)
    25th August - do Garden Creek Canyon, camping again
    26th August - hike out the Grand Canyon (or another night camping, permit covers an additional day)

    Anyone fancy tagging along for a day or two?

    Or alternatively, does anyone have any plans to do other canyons during these dates and wouldn't mind me tagging along? I figure its all a great opportunity to learn new things (and there's plenty that I don't know!), meet new people, etc. Just want to squeeze as much in as I can, really.

    (Also cross-posted to the meet-ups section of CC, apologies if anyone reads this twice.)


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    Berating yourself for dawdling and thinking you missed out on this unique opportunity? Cursing the fact you hadn't visited Bogley for a while?

    Well, the great news is that I'm still in stock!

    On a serious note, do drop me a PM if you're doing any canyoning at all in Utah over these dates (within reason, obv X rated canyons are out) and wouldn't mind an extra person tagging along!

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    Sorry you didn't receive a reply earlier from someone here. This is a good, generous board. If I was doing slots this year I'd meet up. As it is, I'll be in the Colorado Rockies 4wd'ing, fishing, camping, and hiking peaks.

    You've done quite a few good ones.

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    Thanks Doug, definitely, I've gotten lots of good advice from people here. I guess the time of year I'm looking at isn't peak season given the temperatures, and a lot of the canyoning activity is centred on weekends (my dates span both weekends and midweek) but hopefully something will come up!

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    Yes, Aug can be brutal. May and early June, and October are probably best. The only time I ever overheated and had trouble was hiking out from Misery, probably in July.

    As you know I'm sure. Good luck, have fun.

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    Different canyoneering area's have different seasons. Zion is just great in summer and August is not a problem, just get an early start and understand our monsoon season. North Wash will be brutal in August. That's more of a November thru February area for me. Choosing canyons with water will make summer routes more enjoyable.

    Looking at your list I'd spend more time in and around Zion and skip North Wash. There are enough great canyons in Zion you keep you busy.

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    To be honest - if anyone's doing anything in Utah during those dates then I'd be prepared to head wherever, I've got total flexibility at the moment. The reason I've tentatively lined up North Wash canyons is that if I can't hook up with anyone and end up having to solo a few canyons then the ones I've been eyeballing - eg Leprechaun, Blarney - all seem fairly low on the difficulty spectrum. Whereas beyond the few I've been considering in Zion anyway (Pine Creek, Mystery), I'm not sure how many of the others there I'd want to tackle solo.

    [And I deffo wouldn't tackle Garden Creek solo.]

    Anyway, hoping it doesn't come to that and I can jump on board someone else's plans for at least part of the time!

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    I have an extra permit for the Subway that I will offer to you on August 23rd if you are interested.

    You mentioned you already did it and will be in the Noeth Wash at the time, but thought I would extend the invitation.

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    Thanks a lot Jman, I really appreciate the offer!

    Let me start trying to put together a travel plan (that hopefully takes in Utah in a logical way rather than dashing back and forth between places repeatedly) based on any others I get for other dates too. Presume you're doing regular Subway rather than the Das Boot variant?

    Anyone else got anything going for any other days? Don't be shy now, fill that gaping Brit-sized hole in whatever group you're going with! etc etc.

    (On a serious note, I also come with a 40m rope, 60m rope, usual carabiners/slings/webbing, a mechanical ascender or two, etc).

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    Peter, hey I am looking to do some canyons in Aug. as well. I'd like to get back to Zion. Middle of the week for Zion is a little tough to do but I may be able to swing it if you are set on the 19th to 21st. North wash would be hot but if you are still planning that it might be an option for me as well. I did Slidenide and Arsenic a couple months back but never got the chance to do Constrichnine which might be a fun one for you. Just joined the Bogley forum so hopefully this gets through to you. Ryan H

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    Thanks Ryan - will send you a message!

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    Cor blimey, the Brits are enthusiastic!

    May be another small Bogleyfest might be in order? What do you think, Shane? Next spring 2020? Moab or North Wash?


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    Moab sounds fun :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob L View Post
    Cor blimey, the Brits are enthusiastic!

    I'm not sure how representative I am :

    I think I've just about sorted a plan that involves meeting various people from here and Canyon Collective. All being well and in a world where none of these plans get affected by the weather, I'll tackle Subway (second time but couldn't turn down jman's offer), Fat Man's Misery, Neon, a more relaxed canyon in Escalante like Egypt 1.5 or perhaps Spencer, two canyons in the Swell or Capitol Reef (TBC), Hidden Star, Pine Creek and Water Canyon.


    Lengthy trip report and photos will follow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibarro View Post
    Lengthy trip report and photos will follow!
    Excellent, look forward to it.

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    Here’s a video of my trip with Ibarro in the Subway from a few weeks back.

    It’s 20 long minutes so definitely watch this at work...

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    "He who walks on the edge...will eventually fall."
    "There are two ways to die in the desert - dehydration and drowning." -overhearing a Park Ranger at Capitol Reef N.P.
    "...the first law of gear-dynamics: gear is like a gas - it will expand to fit the available space." -Wortman, Outside magazine.
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    Nice. Subway is always fun. Such an incredible feature. The first time I saw it, up from the bottom back in 2005 I think, it took my breath away. The whole reason I got into canyoneering was to see features. I'd been a hiker and was getting stuck at drops and wanted to see more.

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    Nice work, great job on compiling all the footage together! As we said at the time - the videos never quite reflect the slog back uphill... Love the disclaimer on the log crossing

    I'm actually nearly done with mine (covering all the canyons I did), I'll upload that video here in the next day or two along with a full trip report. Was a tiring but fun 10 days.

    BTW I sent you a WhatsApp in the evening but it didn't go through - not sure if you found your phone in the end! Hope so!!

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    I'm hoping you had an amazing time in the USA! Hope you met great people and saw beautiful places! I've never been to Colorado, but it's definitely on my list of places to visit soon. I'm currently planning my trip to Florida. I know it's not the cheapest place, but it's pretty manageable. We're a team of young people traveling across Europe and decided to broaden our horizons and visit the USA! We found a couple of helpful links, such as and we're planning to go there the next month. That's going to be our starting point, and we'll make our way up to the north. There are a million of amazing places and things we want to see and try!

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