Did you know there is a trail in Utah called NOAH'S ARK TRAIL?!?! I found this trail a few months ago, read how amazing it was, and I have had it on my must do list for a while. So when I finally got done with all my days and days of meetings, where do you think the first place I headed....You got it Noah's Ark. I am kinda needing help though, for I am not sure which formation is really "Noah's Ark" Anyone know? Name:  Noahs_Ark_ShaunasAdventures.JPG
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Also the bridge is blown out here, so if you can cross the log to get across, or if you take watershoes to get across, this hike is amazing. Hoping they have scheduled an effort to fix the bridge, for this is a real nice hike. Check this fun area out in 360 Degrees!