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Thread: Can Anyone Help Me Figure Out the Name for this Waterfall in Provo Canyon?

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    Can Anyone Help Me Figure Out the Name for this Waterfall in Provo Canyon?

    There is this beautiful Waterfall in Provo Canyon that I have been searching and asking higher ups, but I have not been able to locate a name for this beautiful waterfall. The trail starts at the Bridal Veil Parking Lot, but heads west on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. It is not a long hike, and it has beautiful views of mountains, flowers, caves, and of course this waterfall. Great green time activity for your family for I think your whole family could handle this hike. Nature Heals...feel the power of green time today!
    Check out my post in 360 Degrees for more info.

    Name:  Unnamed_Waterfall_Provo_Canyon_off_Bonneville_Shoreline_trail.JPG
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    Bridal Veil Falls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Card View Post
    Bridal Veil Falls.
    She's asking about the waterfall west of Bridal Veil. I'm guessing it doesn't flow year round.

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    Is it called “click bait?”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    She's asking about the waterfall west of Bridal Veil. I'm guessing it doesn't flow year round.
    That is what I get for looking at the picture only, and not reading.... There is a little water fall to the west and south of Bridal Veil, around the corner down canyon, but it is small. You can see it from the highway just before you turn into the parking lot west of Bridal Veil falls, at the exit for Nunns Park. I know of no trail to it and no name. It does flow year around. Now I am curious. I will take a lunch break and run up there in the next week or so to see if I can find a trail and a name.
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    I've driven by this waterfall since I was a kid and have never heard a name for it or stopped to hike or drive up to it. Looks like a Jeep trail goes close.

    Pretty sure this what she is referring to.

    40°19'49.0"N 111°36'40.1"W

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    So, I went up to the Bridal Veil Falls parking lot and lit out to go to the waterfall that was asked about. There are actually two falls fairly close together. I ended up hiking to the little one on the left and snapped a few photos. Sorry for the quality of the photo below, I don't have the time right now to edit and circle the two falls. As to the name, I think the land may fall within Provo City Limits so I will see if there is someone at the city who knows the names of the two falls. I will post a TR for my little lunch time jaunt today, later. I hope to go later this week or next to the other water fall - the bigger of the two.

    I learned something. First, my cowboy boots are the worst for hiking. Second, my current hiking boots don't cause blisters but are causing me Achilles tendon issues. I know this because, although I have blisters from my cowboy boots, my Achilles tendons aren't throbbing like they did when I went to Gloria Falls up Little Cottonwood Canyon on Saturday in my hiking shoes. Time for new hiking shoes/boots! Stay tuned. I hope to get to the bottom of the two mystery water falls by Bridal Veil Falls. Name:  20190618_135046.jpg
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    Shauna, the waterfall may be the same waterfall that is, in the winter, an ice climb know as "Fudge Packer".
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