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And the comments are here, if you want a laugh


The comments are gold. Here's a sampling of some of the better ones:

-These two thrill seekers have done nothing special. Hundreds, if not thousands of park visitors do this hike every day. Drones are illegal in national parks and their use should not be promoted. They are a nuisance to wildlife and other visitors.

-I am sure the other people hiking and in the area loved listening to BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BZZZZZZZZZ the entire time. These aren't just a nuisance to other people they are a nuisance to wildlife as well. Two good reasons why they are banned in national parks but of course these two narcissistic 1d 10 ts don't have time for all that.

-These are exactly the kind of people ruining our National Parks and Utah.

-Drones in National Parks are a nuisance to everybody except the self centered social media influencers flying them there.

-These people should be fined for flying a drone in a national park and getting paid for the footage by Daily Mail!

-World will end tommorow. Women and minorties to be hardest hit.