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Thread: Funny pics...biking version

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    Funny pics...biking version

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    When they here MTBers talk about having mismatched size of tires between front and back, roadies be like:

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    Ahhh shit, I forgot the tent!
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    Unrelated- there is no correlation between @Sombeech ‘s enthusiasm for ‘e-bikes’ and drones.

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    Just can't seem to find a buyer

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    When you see it....

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    ^^^This picture should be in the "When you see it thread"...

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    Conversion on a tight budget can be a slow process.

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    It was a bit muddy on the Crest yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    you sure that came from the back wheel?
    Pretty sure it didn’t come from the front one. 😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by BasinCruiser View Post
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    Several years ago I was descending a steep-ish trail up AF Canyon and towards the bottom there were 4 women on mountain bikes, stopped, catching their breath before climbing up that section. Since they were stopped already, I didn't need to yield but, just as I got to them, one of the women tipped over right in front of me. I wasn't going fast but the collision sent me over the bars and into the dirt. Totally her fault and I think she thought I'd yell and scream at her. Not wanting to be a jerk (and knowing it was an accident) The only thing I could think to say was, "Man, if you wanted to meet me all you had to do was say Hi"!
    Are we there yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallsteve View Post
    The only thing I could think to say was, "Man, if you wanted to meet me all you had to do was say Hi"!
    Ha! That's a pretty cool line. You might have been thinking different though, if you stood up with a broken collarbone! Knock on wood...I've had plenty of crashes, but every single one was a solo affair.
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