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Thread: Stewart Falls and the Destruction from the Avalanches around the falls and trail

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    Stewart Falls and the Destruction from the Avalanches around the falls and trail

    My hike this week was to Stewart Falls. Stewart Falls is really interesting right now, for there was 3-4 big avalanches that came over the trail this winter and one was right over the top of the waterfall. It has left its mark with trees laying almost horizontal, and mounds and mounds of snow still marking some of the paths. As you walk the trail it leaves you in awe of the mighty power of an avalanche, but in the middle of it all, watch for the loan pine tree, that still has the backside of its branches torn off, but it had a strong root system and is somehow still standing strong. This is a really interesting hike right now, and the falls keep getting fuller and fuller with each passing day. Check it out in 360 Degrees on my blog. Also If you have spikes for your shoes and hiking poles, take them with you.

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    Happy Hiking

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    We're all here, because we ain't all there.
    I like your hiking destinations but quite frankly, I've yet to visit your blog.
    Would be nice if you posted some complete reports on this forum for us to review. imo.
    Coming here and just posting a snipet and a link, makes me feel cheap and used.
    I believe you have some cool stuff to share, so why not share here?
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    It'll come back.

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    I do a lot of 360 elements that do not work on this site. I am sorry you feel that way. I spend quite a bit of time on my blog post, that it seems redundant to redo the full thing here again without the 360 elements that make it fun to really feel like you are at a place. I still have a full time job, so doing a blog post is all I have time for right now, but there are many that find it very useful and interesting.
    Happy Hiking

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