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Thread: How long should MTB tire tread last?

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    How long should MTB tire tread last?

    I just bought this 2018 bike new in November, had 3 miles on it. The tires are Schwalbe Magic Mary, 27.5 and 2.8 wide. I noticed last night on our ride at Mueller Park that the tread is starting to fall off of one side.

    Although I just bought it 6 months ago, I have logged 300 miles, so maybe this is expected? But yikes, a couple hundred dollars per year on tires does not sound fun.

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    Schwalbe's are notorious for wearing out fast. Soft rubber compound. I've owned a couple pairs but, will never buy them again. They just don't last.
    Are we there yet?

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    That's good to know. I've liked Kenda and Maxxis tires, I'll have to start looking for some replacements.

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    On my Salsa I was running Continental XC Kings and I would get 2500 miles out of them. At that mileage the rear was pretty much gone but the front wasn't to bad. I always replaced my tires in pairs and saved my 3/4 used front as a spare.

    My new Fezzari has Maxxis and I don't think they'll last 2500 miles.

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    That's what happens when you throttle..i mean peddle.. hard around the corners.

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    I try to keep it under 40MPH on the crowded trails

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    So I sent this into Schwalbe this week, and to my satisfaction, they replied with a warranty form. It would be cool to get compensated. I'll let you know if they take care of it.

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    So I reached out about my tread falling off and they gave me a coupon for a free tire. I just ordered their new Eddie Current front tire, 27.5 X 2.8 priced at $103, got it for totally free and free shipping.

    Schwalbe says this shouldn't happen, explained how it may have happened during production. They've gained some major points in my opinion.

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