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Thread: Facebook Messenger Scammers

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    Facebook Messenger Scammers

    These have been going around for a bit, they'll create a profile that looks like one of your facebook friends, same name, same profile picture, so you'll assume it is them. But strange enough, it doesn't show that you are connected on facebook.

    This is a contact that many of you know, doesn't post here much, but I've redacted his identity anyways. I've reached out to him and let him know. Just FYI, you do not need to change your password when this happens, they are taking the publicly available info like your name and profile picture, and creating an account. They have not gained access to your account.

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    In the future, if this happens to you, help us all out and report it with these steps

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    That is awesome! Good info. I had a scammer texting me about an item I have listed on KSL just yesterday. I kept him on the hook until I got tired of dinking around so I finally asked him how the weather was in Nigeria.
    Are we there yet?

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    "It was fun chatting with you. Go F**k yourself"

    These are gold. I do this too with the phone scammers. I'll play along in earnest, and drag them into deep waters with claims that I am really concerned about my car's warranty expiring, etc. And then about 10 minutes in I start in with the shenanigans. It's always disappointing when they hang up.

    I know it's immature and stupid. But I'm having fun so you tell me which is worse -- getting all pissed off and flustered, or actually getting a laugh or two out of someone who was originally trying to scam me?


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    I couple years ago I got a call from the "IRS" telling me I was in deep trouble. I had some time to burn so I played along for a while. Eventually it devolved into him insulting America and me asking him how he liked living in a mud hut. Good times all around.
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    Yeah they're all your best friend until they know the jig is up, then it's right to the insults of your mother.

    This one though, the english is decent, so I wonder if it's from state side

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    Sell on ksl a bit.
    Always got the same:
    Price sounds good, I'll send you an extra $100 to hold it until my shipper can pick it up.
    Then they want the address to pick up and the name to send the check.
    None have continued since I began giving out information.

    Send Check to:
    Donald J. Trump
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    Washington DC

    Arrange for pick up at same.

    And thanks for the extra $100, will come in handy for campaign.

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