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Thread: Pontiac Firebird #1 and #2

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    Pontiac Firebird #1 and #2

    The first two Pontiac Firebirds sold to the public, serial number 1 and 2, are currently for sale on EBay as a set. The two cars together are worth about $90k if not for the significant of being 1 and 2. It will be interesting to watch where this auction ends up....

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    The Firebirds didn't sale. This is the third time they have have been up for auction that I know of. I believe they crossed the block at both Mecham and Barrett-Jackson and didn't meet the reserve. The bids always get up to about $190k and that's it, but the owner wants $285k. At $190k the cars are already bringing double what they are worth if not for the 1 and 2 VIN numbers.

    I just don't think the seller will get anywhere near what he's asking. Every serious collector in the car world knows the cars are for sell and that $190 appears to be top dollar.

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    He's holding out for that one filthy rich billionaire who will plunk down $285K no questions asked. Because when you have $10B, what's $285K but chump change?
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    I think the real problem is there is nothing special about these two cars other than the VIN's, and VIN #2 is worth zero extra unless paired with VIN #1. Neither car is equipped with the top performance options or engines.

    The other problem is they are Firebirds and not Camaro's. Don't ask me why but 1st gen birds don't bring near the money of 1st gen Camaro's. That's typical in the collector world.

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