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Thread: Mueller Park Bountiful, conditions

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    Mueller Park Bountiful, conditions

    I tried Mueller Park tonight to see how much was rideable, I went up to the snow which was maybe a mile above the Rock, so you can get in a decent ride on Mueller now.

    As expected, the crowds are already out on Mueller. I passed maybe 25 people on bikes and hiking. It is Friday though, but I was thinking it would be a little too early in the season. But, people want to hit the trails, and Davis County really doesn't have a big selection, so Mueller gets popular.

    Here's my strava to show how far up the snow is, if you're interested. A runner passed me on his way down and said there was a moose on the trail, so right before the Rock, I was going super slow, looking behind every tree and such. Well I didn't see any sign of it, and neither did the group at the rock when I got there.

    I'll have some video soon. Mueller is a lot of fun to cruise down but it's just so dang crowded, that you can't open up to a good speed for more than 20 seconds before passing somebody and scaring the crap out of hiking families.

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    Thanks for the intel.

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    Here's a clip, I cut dozens of people from this video.

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    End of the line, maybe 2 miles below the flats

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    Mueller got a bit better by last night, @accadacca and I were with another bloke, we probably could have made it up to the flats but we got caught in the storm. We could see a Moto had gone ahead up the trail and was actually very helpful in making a clear path through the snow spots for our tires. Still a bit muddy, and will be this next week. I'll have some video later

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    Mueller Park Bountiful, conditions

    It was great to get one more ride in before the storms. A little rain on the way back, but we made to our vehicles before the downpour started.

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    A 2 minute sample with Chad

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