As I was driving up 12th street, this monstrous storm cell hit, stopping traffic, laying down about 2 inches of water on the road. So I assumed the trails would be toast, I turn around and start heading home. Then I saw the mountains from a different angle and could see they weren't getting hit, so I turned around again and headed up. I'm glad I did, the trail was great, just a handful of small puddles.

It was a great ride last night, well it started out great then a few things fell apart starting with the YUGE storm cell that rolled over me at the highest point of the trail. I had to lean up against a vertical rock for some shelter. Then about 2 miles from the bottom, I get a flat, and my CO2 inflator breaks, so I end up walking down the last mile.

Still better than staying home and cleaning the garage

Here is a favorite section of the trail, Strongs Canyon, south of Waterfall Canyon. Lots more video to come.