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Thread: Epic Shillelagh 05/05/2019

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    Epic Shillelagh 05/05/2019

    Epic Shillelagh, Dual Shillelaghs, My, My, My Shillelagh.

    Irish Walking stick?

    Not too epic, we did both canyons in about 7 hours at a reasonable pace.

    We started with the East fork, dropping into the very head of the canyon.

    At the confluence of the east fork and west fork we took a path up the west side of the
    of the west fork, followed the rim up and around and dropped into the west fork just above the
    first rappel. Kind of a tricky down climb at that spot, but probably the best place to drop in given
    how cliffed out it is further up canyon.

    The canyons were in great shape, no water, beautiful weather and anchors all good.
    Very fun, scenic and easy canyons.

    Thanks to my canyoneering partners Lori, Carl and Wes.

    Some Flickr pictures

    My favorite pictures

    Name:  ShillelaghEpic0022.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic0087.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic0282.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic0347.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic0386.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic0516.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic0672.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic0841.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic0945.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic1179.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic1231.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic1374.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic1452.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic1517.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic1634.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic1660.jpg
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    Name:  ShillelaghEpic1738.jpg
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    Don't believe everything you think.

    -Borrowed from a bumper sticker I believe

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