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Thread: Trip Report - Hiking in Banff National Park (sept 2018)

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    Trip Report - Hiking in Banff National Park (sept 2018)

    I spent a week in Banff National Park last September and was able to go on several different day hikes. Each of the hikes started at a different lake within the park. We visited Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake, Bow Lake, and Lake Louise. A typical experience is to drive to a lake, park your car and take in the great views of the lake, then find the trail head and begin a hike which leads to even better views of the lake and surrounding mountains!

    We stuck to trails that were relatively short for the most part (<10 miles round trip), but were still able to get some great views. If you are comfortable scrambling, there are ample opportunities to reach the top of several peaks in the area. I imagine the views from the top of the peaks would be awesome. Below are some of the highlights from the trails. Here is a link to a more comprehensive report I wrote up with all my pictures of the trails:

    Moraine Lake and the Eiffel Lake Trail:

    Beautiful Moraine Lake as seen from near the parking lot

    Moraine Lake from the shore

    Moraine Lake from Eiffel Lake Trail

    Hiking along the Eiffel Lake Trail

    Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass

    Peyto Lake and the Bow Summit Overlook Trail:

    Peyto Look as seen from one of the upper lookout points

    Peyto Lake from the lower viewpoint

    View of Bow Valley from the Bow Summit Overlook Trail

    View of Bow Lake from the Bow Summit Overlook

    Panoramic view of Peyto Lake

    Bow Lake and the Bow Glacier Falls Trail:

    Bow Lake from the shore

    Bow Glacier Falls Trail along the shore of Bow Lake

    Crowfoot Mountain over Bow Lake

    Canyon with stream feed by Bow Glacier Falls

    Bow Glacier Falls

    Lake Louise and the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail:

    Lake Louise from near the parking lot

    Lake Louise and Fairview Mountain

    Looking towards the Plain of Six Glaciers

    Near the end point of the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail and viewpoint

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    WOW! That is amazing! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Hiking

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    well done, report.
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    Yes, Banff is a lovely area! In my opinion the only downsides are the crowds and the vast size of the park (lots of driving to get to different trailheads). Other than that, the beautiful views can make any amateur photographer look great!

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