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Thread: Data Hog?

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    Data Hog?

    Iím curious to see how much monthly data others use for home internet and mobile devices?

    Here are my current metrics for 2019:

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    I don't think we've ever used more than 10 gigs... but we have a life beyond our smartphones.

    Instead of playing a race car, golf or fishing game online we actually go out and do the real deal.

    Instead of streaming a movie or concert we actually experience the real thing.


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    Mobile data never exceeds 10Gb. Not sure how much wifi bandwidth we use every month, but two weeks ago we put the Xbox and all video game items in a box for a month-long screen ban. Since then, the kiddos have been reading, playing games with each other, playing ball outside, etc. It's great. We're all much happier. Might extend the month out even further...
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    Data Hog?

    Iíve got 8 devices on my Verizon plan. Some other family, my wife, myself and 3 children. That said, I use most of the data. I use my phone for work quite a bit and to tether my laptop as well. I manage digital marketing for several online brands, so thatís my world all day.

    Netflix and other streaming video services is all we use at home and Iíve got 4 kids, plus homework, gaming, etc. Iíve got a cable box from Xfinity for live sports over the air when I canít get the stream, but mostly Iím streaming.

    All this said, these numbers go down drastically in the summer when we can get outdoors. When I go camping I tether a ball game if itís on in the evening or we stream movies. Having unlimited data is awesome.

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    Yeah... we're talking about dumping our TV's, at least for the summer, and see how it goes. Life's to short to spend it sitting on the couch, watching the idiot box and eating Cheetos.

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