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Thread: WikiLeaks and Julian Assange

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    WikiLeaks and Julian Assange

    Assange has been arrested under a US extradition request. I'm still trying to figure out how the US expects to hang Assange for publishing true information.

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador withdraws asylum

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    FWIW - The Feds are trying to stay as far away as possible from the first Amendment on this one. They have only charged Assange with helping Bradley Manning hack government computers.

    So now my question is how do you convict Assange if Manning was pardoned for the crime? That hardly seems fair....

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    So many of Trump's critics now face the confusing decision to either support or hate Assange, completely influenced upon what Trump does.

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    I mean really, where does his arrest fit in with "Trump is working with Russia" theories?

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    The charge that Assange was working for the Russians has never been proven... kind of like how Trump was working for the Russians...

    Assange's real crime as far as many are concerned is Assange outed Hillary's emails and the Democrats big wig emails. Assange provided proof that the Democrats rigged the DNC primary for Hillary.

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    Assange knows things that the Trump team are interested in. Assange knew and publicly said that it was NOT the Russians that hacked the DNC. I don't think they brought Assange in to completely punish him. I think they are bringing him in for info and to possibly testify on the new investigations that are opening up. He had info on Seth Rich who was murdered. He has all kinds of info and I think a massive investigation is underway.

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