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Thread: Lost Angel 04/07/2019

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    Lost Angel 04/07/2019

    Lost Angel, Dirty Devil River area, 04/07/2019


    Some decent canyoneering weather.

    No rain or snow, plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the high sixty's, a cool breeze, freshly bladed dirt road,
    eye popping views and a wonderful lung popping climb out.

    The canyon is in great condition. Completely dry except a little mud in the pothole at the top of the last rappel.

    One of my favorite canyons in the area, the rappels are scenic and come in fast succession.

    Food at Stan's in Hanksville always tastes better after canyoneering.

    Thanks to my canyoneering partners Lori, Carl, Jessica, Christian, Dave, Mark and Jeremy

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    Don't believe everything you think.

    -Borrowed from a bumper sticker I believe

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    These always make my palms sweat. Was it a long drop?



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    2. Dangerous overconfidence, often combined with arrogance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post

    These always make my palms sweat. Was it a long drop?

    Not a big drop, you could almost downclimb it,

    Here is the drop looking up from the bottom

    Name:  LostAngel0894.jpg
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    Don't believe everything you think.

    -Borrowed from a bumper sticker I believe

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    Fantastic! Although I wouldn't describe that anchor as "bomber"...looks kinda sketchy, actually. If those things aren't at least as thick as my neck...but, obviously it held just fine.
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    Great trip report Doug (as usual!) I'm most envious!


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