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Thread: Evo SS Gimbal

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    Evo SS Gimbal

    I just ordered an Evo SS Gimbal for my GoPro, along with a Stuntman chest strap. Any tips or tricks to get the best out of it for mtn. biking?
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    Cool, you'll love the stability.

    Get used to carrying something a bit more bulky on your chest, and also the realization that if you crash, you could be damaging some camera equipment now. The GoPro is indestructible but the gimbal can be fragile. Also, usually not waterproof, so keep that in mind.

    It will be easier to carry around than my GoPro Karma Grip gimbal though, I'm carrying this big handheld thing on my chest. You get used to it though.

    One more thing, just a personal preference, I don't like the super wide view that gets both of the riders arms and their knees all in the same frame, I keep it on the regular Wide view so the handlebars are only visible most of the time, keeps the viewers focused on the trail.

    Oh and one more thing, kind of a standard. The rule for photography is to line up the horizon at about 1/3 the way down the frame, so the bottom 2/3rd is below the horizon. This is photography in general and it still applies to biking videos for the best shot. So line up the GoPro, if you do have an LCD viewing screen on back, or connect it to your phone for the preview. Then get a visual of how the GoPro looks and that angle, so you can quickly look down at it during your ride and check if it's still slightly pointing down.

    Once in a while with all gimbals, they will start to tilt, so every few minutes just look down at it and make sure it's level. Sometimes a hard turn will make it tilt, the G force or something. They usually level out , but once in a while you need to level it, then point it slightly downward again for the 1/3 horizon line rule.

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    Thanks for the tips! I don't like the super wide view either and don't use it now. I have a view screen on the back so, I should be able to frame the view just fine.
    I debated about just getting the new Hero 7 with the hypersmooth stabilization. I've looked at a ton of reviews. Seems like there's enough guys who, after comparing the 7 and a gimbal side by side, still prefer the gimbal so, that's the route I'm taking. Plus, the Hero 7 Black is right about $200 more than the Evo SS so, there's that. The Evo price has dropped by about $100 since I looked at them last summer. I'm guessing the price drop is due to the Hero 7 coming out and needing to compete. My Hero 5 Black is still running strong, too.
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    Sombeech, how do you keep your gimbal/camera from flopping around while riding and powered down? I typically don't have my GoPro powered up on the long climbs I regularly do. Seems like, at least with the Evo, it's going to be flopping and swinging like crazy. Or, do you just have it powered on all the time?
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    When I'm wearing it powered down, it does swing around a bit. But I wear it still just in case I want to film something. I usually don't film the climb either. You might be able to find a little rubber or foam brace, or make one yourself that you can stick between the GoPro and the gimbal just to keep the GoPro stationary when it's off, then pull it out when you want to film. I'm ok with the way my gimbal moves around while climbing though, it's not terrible. Yours may be a bit different though.

    Maybe you can cut something out of a swimming pool noodle, a little block to push in there to keep it still, something easy to move when needed.

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    Good suggestions. I actually have a foam noodle I packed out of the canyon last year that someone had left behind (why or why?). I'll play around a bit.
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    My first foray with the new gimbal. I think I got the view framed about right- just a little bit of handlebar and no knees. Looking at the gimbal while riding it looked like it was tracking too slow around the corners but, after looking at the video it's not that bad. So smooooth! I hate the motor noise, though. Guess I'll have to start dubbing some music, even though I prefer the natural ride sounds.

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    Cool, yeah I thought the framing was good. The corners seemed alright too. Our eyes are going to be turning around the corner before the gimbal does, because the bike hasn't started to turn yet.

    How did it feel while riding?

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    It felt fine. I'm used to having the camera mounted on my chest already, so I didn't really notice much difference.
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