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Thread: Armed Citizen

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallsteve View Post
    WOW!!!! You can see this bad guy drop.
    My nephew is South Salt Lake PD (scene of this shooting) and even he said it was excessive. Not a single round was fired by South Salt Lake PD, though it was in their jurisdiction. Way excessive and those cops had each other in their fields of fire, its surprising there wasn't a blue-on-blue incident. Finally, that last cop hiding behind the passenger mini-van could have put that family in jeopardy had the suspect returned any fire that direction. Super careless on the part of UPD, UHP and the other responding agencies.
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    I was not impressed with the takedown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BasinCruiser View Post
    Thanks for this. It totally made my day.
    Life is Good

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    This guy experienced a real life "Jules and Vincent".

    Bonus points to whoever knows what I'm referring to...
    In it's right place

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    Quote Originally Posted by twotimer View Post
    This guy experienced a real life "Jules and Vincent".

    Bonus points to whoever knows what I'm referring to...
    My wife's favorite movie of all time...

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    Are we all just going to sit here and ignore the endless cross-eyed jokes?

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    In it's right place

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    Washington homeowner shoots, kills burglary suspect while on the phone with 911

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    Victim (ccp holder) of would-be carjacking in Chicago legally defends himself. Carjacker dead.
    Life is Good

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    From April 29 – May 4, 1992, Korean-American immigrants in Los Angeles were defending their homes, and businesses from being destroyed, and looted by rioting thugs, after the Police, and Government abandoned them, following the Rodney King Verdict.

    The Koreans took positions on their roofs, and behind equipment, and armed themselves with firearms, and defended what they had built, the lives they had made, and all they had achieved in their adoptive home.

    All the neighborhoods around them burned, Koreatown remained untouched.

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    The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting...

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    I think there may be some kind of correlation here....

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    Houston pastor, his wife shoot, kill armed intruder, police say
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    Not armed but, brave. Thank you young man and future Marine!

    Colorado teen who plans to become Marine tackled suspected shooter
    Are we there yet?

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    I totally agree

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