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Thread: Choosing and Sizing Snowshoes

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    Choosing and Sizing Snowshoes

    Hey guys was just wondering what experiences you have with snowshoes and if so, what kind do you prefer? Traditional or Modern? Also chime in and let me know where you use em primarily. I have the ďAtlas Access 30Ē snowshoes and I primarily use them in backcountry of eastern Canada. Mostly in Ontario and the Tremblanc region of Quebec.

    I also recently put together a video on the subject, but will admit itís mostly covering the different modern options available, along with how to size em. Let me know what you guys think and feel free to share your opinions.

    - Cheers

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    Sizing snowshoes depends on your weight (with pack) and the snow. Sierra cemeent does not needs so much area as a flufier snow. BTW - those MSR Classics from years back - the red ones - don't store them in your attic - the plastic straps fall apart from the heat (and maybe from age).

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    I thought you were a newbie wanting to figure out which snowshoes to buy until I watched your video...but you're practically a snowshoe whore! I thought "I want to pay attention to this thread because I may get into it next winter"...but all I have to do is watch you video and BAM...educated.

    Very nice job. I was at REI a few days ago and walked by a rack filled with all kinds of those things on sale...all different sizes and shapes. I've never done it before...I was a backcountry skier before I stopped doing that to preserve my knees. My knees are great, but all my friends that are ski fanatics have blown them out, some multiple times. Not me, man.

    Snowshoeing looks like a fun alternative.
    Suddenly my feet are feet of mud
    It all goes slo-mo
    I don't know why I am crying
    Am I suspended in Gaffa?

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    Hey Twotimer you should definently get yourself a pair, especially if you are into winter sports like skiing. They are very intuitive and easy to pick up while being surprisingly satisfying.

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    If you can walk you can snowshoe. Easiest winter activity there is. I have 3 pair. One pair is really long for trekking off trail which, honestly, I haven't used in a few years. The 2nd pair are expensive MSR's. My 3rd pair are the cheaper Yukon Charlie's brand which I use by far the most. The binding on the MSR's is a bit more rock solid once you get them on but, the binding on the Yukon Charlie's is just soooo much easier to get on and off than the MSR's.
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