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Thread: Utah Gymnastics

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    Utah Gymnastics

    The last time a thread about Utah gymnastics was posted to this forum it was back in 2005, and the conversation devolved into a discussion about cameras. That and for some reason all of the photos I posted back in 2005 were mysteriously replaced by pictures of some dude poking at a dead deer. Maybe @Sombeech can explain why content from older posts is being swapped out for corny pictures of wildlife?

    Anyway getting back on track -- here's a recent picture of Utah's MaKenna Merrill-Giles (that's a mouthfull!) on floor routine during the PAC-12 gymnastics championships last Saturday.

    Check out this image -- can someone tell me wtf is going on there? Why does her left foot have two heels?

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    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    I'm not sure about the pictures, but a while ago, like maybe 8 years ago, we had a database corruption and I assume the IDs from some of the photos were merged with other attachment IDs.

    Or... if those pictures were linked off site, it's possible the other website broke those links and updated them with other photos.

    As for the photo, I'd call it a super power.

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    This sounds like a cover up of corruption, I demand it be investigated...

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    It'll come back.

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    It looks like there is an ice pack (or heat or something else) wrapped on top of her ankle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstone Addiction View Post
    It looks like there is an ice pack (or heat or something else) wrapped on top of her ankle?

    Yup, I'll bet you're right now that I look closer.

    At first my stupid brain thought it was a part of her foot,
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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