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Thread: Access Legality/Procedure - Indian Reservation

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    Access Legality/Procedure - Indian Reservation

    We'll, messing around on Google Earth, I've found a couple areas nearby that might have potential. I've found a public road that runs adjacent to the property and determined the property belongs to a local Indian Reservation.

    That's where my problems start. I've contacted the Tribal board (which hasn't been easy...), but they seem to collectively shrug? ("Why would want to go there? We don't really have hiking trails? There is no permit, but sure...") They haven't told me NOT to go, but they haven't really given clear, "permission" either? And, it's been hard to ascertain whether or not whomever I speak with even has actual authority (I'm envisioning a President, Secretary, tribal elder? But mentioning that seems to shut the conversation down...)

    Surely someone has dealt with this before? Any standard operating principles? Advice? Best practices?

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    Well, a little more info would be nice...which reservation? Where is this road and what do you want to do there? Are there any houses around? If you want to keep it secret, I understand, but more detail would be nice. I've done a lot of hiking in and around the Navajo nation. I can tell you where to get a permit...Lechee.

    Any other reservation, I don't know what to tell you. However, in Navajo land it's best to get a permit unless you're going to be literally in the middle of nowhere...trompin' around in someone's "back yard" might get you some serious stink eye.
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    Need more info, which tribe and which reservation. Also depending on the above which area exactly as you have to deal with the correct chapter house or similar.

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    In some cases, having proof that you did reach out for permission, and did get a reply, can be big.

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