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Thread: New Zealand Mosque Attack

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    Why is this NZ terror attack all over the news, but nothing about this other attack?

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    I guess it doesn't meet the liberal agenda...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkHammergate View Post
    Well... he seemed to likey the Trumpey in the Manifesto....
    This is what #FakeNews does, it writes a false headline knowing the readers will venture no further into the article.

    He clearly did not like Trump.

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    The shooter wrote a manifesto stating exactly what would happen as a result of his actions and New Zealand is following it to the letter....

    New Zealand bans semi auto weapons.

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    PROOF! First they take your guns and next they take your other freedoms.

    New Zealand man who shared Christchurch mosque massacre video sentenced to prison

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    I would blame Obama who made American Black Panthers think they owned the USA. They marched down a street carrying M-16s. Assassinate police officers. Disrespect the law. Resist arrest...

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    Wait,wut? Not having a gun registry makes it difficult for the government to confiscate guns? Color me shocked 😮

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    If the government wants the guns let's see them go and get them....


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