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Thread: Ranking Capitol Reef Canyons

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    Sorry fellas, I don't send my nudes to guys.

    As for canyons in Capitol Reef, I've just been on the family friendly hikes. We thoroughly enjoyed Sulfur Creek, had some great little water slides and waterfalls for the kids. It ends right near the visitor center in the park.

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    You look pretty good there Shane, but you need to get some sun on your ass. If you're going to show off the physique, this is how ya do it. I'd prefer to post it up unedited, but I reckon it wouldn't last long if I did.

    Capitol Reef canyons? Hike 'em naked!

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    Every now and then you gotta throw 'em a bone.

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    ^^^ Too funny. Is this photo from your most recent Hawaii trip?

    Years ago, me and several others hiked Quandary Direct completely nekkid. That was back when it wasn't a well-known trade route, so we didn't see anyone else. Once we got down to Muddy Creek we had to re-clothe because of those damn horse flies that chase you for miles.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    ^^^ Too funny. Is this photo from your most recent Hawaii trip?

    Yeah...just two weeks ago. The day before I flew back, in fact. I'll be 56 in a couple months and quite happy to be in such great shape, but there 'aint a damn thing I can do about the hair!

    Sorry qedcook, your thread went south in a hurry now, didn't it? Won't see shit like this over at CC now, will ya?

    In regards to Cap. Reef...I've actually never hiked anything up near the visitor center, or even that northern end of the park. I always just drive thru on my way to somewhere else. Pandora's Box however, I've got to knock that one out.

    I've done tons of backpacking in the southern end of the park down near Halls Creek and the Waterpocket Fold. Don't even need a map anymore. Long day hikes and backpacks for the good stuff down there. I'm hoping (like you) that someone comes in with a ranking of the ones you I near "full retirement" that part of the park will need to be explored.
    Every now and then you gotta throw 'em a bone.

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    Do we need to split this thread off and call it the Bogley Tinder thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    Chambers is a different story. It's all fun and games until the last section of the main slot, where is put up or shut up time.
    Speaking of Chambers, on a recent Facebook post, I saw it had been upclimbed. If I remember correctly the two guys exited the slot and then turned around and climbed back up it rather then hike back to the car.

    That's pretty cool.

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    On a related subject... if anyone has video of Pandora's Box, Burro Wash, Fivemile Wash or Cottonwood Wash I'd be interested in adding it to my website. I've been attempting over the past several years to add video to all the slot canyons on my website. The Video's will always be free for everyone to access and proper credit will be given. Thanks for the consideration. If you are interested in helping the cause email me at Shane(at)Climb-Utah(dot)com.

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    Yes. Alcatraz and Pandora's are of similar physical difficulty. Much like Pine Creek and Imlay are of the same physical difficulty, just slightly different in length. (A stretch I know, but, stay with me here...)

    Seems like the parties in Pandora's have trouble because they are not prepared for the extended unrelenting nature of the canyon. Nothing all that hard, just it keeps going and going and going... and then a long walk out. With a good crew and experience with the canyon, it becomes much easier as many of the drops can be downclimbed with aggressive spots, or climbed over easily, even though it looks way scary.

    I suggest using Ryan's beta as it is the most complete. Many would find Pandora-Lite to be a good choice, exiting the canyon after the confluence with the other fork. I found the climb out to be pretty straightforward, and Ryan's directions just fine.


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    Roughly how much time will P-Lite knock off the main route?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    Roughly how much time will P-Lite knock off the main route?
    P-Lite will cut more then 1/2 off the route time wise and cut out 3/4 of the slot and is not a route I would consider doing. P-Lite cuts out the best sections of slot, depending on what you consider best.

    If anything I'd enter where Tom says to exit, which I've done once before. Time wise that would eliminate about 1 hour and one of the more difficult obstacles in the route.

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