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Thread: BYU Football 2019

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    BYU began preparing for Utah on January 1st, if they can get a win over Utah I expect they will start the year 2-2 and save Kalani's job for another year. This year the game means everything for the Cougars. Utah had better bring their A-game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    Are y'all going to the game after the BBQ? Or going to someone's house to watch it? I'm really tempted to bridge the gap between Ute and Cougar and make an appearance, but I also want to be in front of a screen in time for kickoff and there's no way that could happen since I live in North Ogden.
    You would actually have plenty of time to be back in front of a screen. Our little pre-game tailgate tradition is at noon to about 1:30. We've been doing this for several years. Usually, the first game is on a Saturday so we would do this on the Friday before the game during the work day for clients and friends. But this year, it is on game day. Yep, we are about 6 hours earlier than most tailgaters would start, but hey, a tradition is a tradition. Also, about 80% of us will be going to the game that evening, otherwise, I'd say stick around and watch it on the big screen in the office.
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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    Dang that would be sweet to eat a burger with a bunch of rabid cougar fans. Seriously though, I’ll be in the safe confines of my basement watching it on TV. I would stop over for sure if I was going to the game.
    If by "rabid cougar fans" you mean ICED water and Real beef and Fresh condiments, yep that is us. We party hard! I may even have a can of Mountain Dew by the BBQ to keep me going.
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    BYU Football 2019

    Gordon Monson: BYU football must break free from its mythology or go on suffering from its consequences

    “They are not the Notre Dame of the West. They might be the third-best college team in Utah.”

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    ^^^ That's a pretty demoralized student section, LOL.

    Is that girl on the front row in the second pic flipping the bird at the Ute players?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    ^^^ That's a pretty demoralized student section, LOL.

    Is that girl on the front row in the second pic flipping the bird at the Ute players?
    The blonde gal, next row back to right looks like a Ute fan...
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    The Cougars will be 3.5 point underdogs this weekend at Tennessee.

    Personally, I think the Cougs get a road win here.

    Both teams are hungry for a win right now because last week the Vols lost at home to Georgia State - an atrocious team that Tennessee was favored to clobber by 24 points. But even though the Vols will be looking for a redemption victory, BYU is a much tougher team than Georgia State. Hell, the Cougars managed to somehow hold Utah to only 3 points of offense going into halftime. BYU is a tough team, and a lot of teams are going to underestimate them this season. I think it's going to be the Wilson/Williams/Bushman show and the Vols won't be able to stop it. Look for Wilson to get close to 100 yards rushing, and Williams will join him with at least 100 more.

    BYU 34
    Volunteers 27
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Anybody else watch Williams drag 5 Tennessee players into the endzone for a touchdown to win in double overtime?

    Incredible road win for the Cougars.
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Yup... nice win for the Cougars!

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    The number of "surrender cobras" in the crowd after the BYU game was hilarious...

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    KSL sent an alert out saying “UPSET...”

    I guess I’m not sure why it was labeled an upset.

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    ^^^^^^ Tennessee was favored by 4 or 5 if I remember correctly.
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    BYU Football 2019

    BYU lost to a top 15 team from the Pac 12. Tennessee lost to a team that won 2 games last year from the Sun Belt.

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    I just report what I hear.

    It was a night and day difference from last week to this week for Tennessee.
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    Here comes USC and boy did they wake up against Stanford. I just saw the score.

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    Their freshman QB goes 28/33 for 377 and 3 TD’s in his debut.

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