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Thread: BYU Football 2019

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    Quit watching after the pick. Went and made a smoked salted caramel apple pie. That was good.
    Life is Good

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    Interesting interview with Bronco Mendenhall and coaching at BYU. He states the BYU honor code was a positive in almost every way among other things...

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    Yahoo Sports’ Pat Forde broke down two coaching hires of local interest in a recent article, characterizing Virginia’s hiring of Bronco Mendenhall as a “questionable hire gone right” while BYU's Kalani Sitake was given the grade of “unimaginative hire gone wrong.”


    Bronco Mendenhall (23), Virginia. Record at Virginia: 20-23. ACC record: 10-16.

    In the commonwealth of Virginia, Fuente and Mendenhall have performed the gridiron version of the fable of the tortoise and the hare. Fuente sprinted to a fast start but has lost his way, while Mendenhall has resolutely made progress. He seemed like a strange fit after coming from BYU and spending his entire coaching career in the West, but the Cavaliers keep getting better on his watch.

    Toss out his 2-10 debut season, rebuilding in the wake of the Mike London Era, and the record looks much better. He’s 18-12 since then, 4-1 this year, and this team might well earn the Cavaliers their first ACC Coastal Division title. Along the way, Mendenhall would be well-advised to beat Virginia Tech for the first time since he came to Charlottesville.


    Kalani Sitake (30), BYU. Record at BYU: 22-22.

    He was a BYU player and a Mormon to boot, so what could go wrong? Well, a few things. Life as an independent isn’t easy, but it probably shouldn’t be as hard as Sitake has made it look the past two-plus seasons. He’s hit some high points — a stunning win at Wisconsin last year, plus victories over USC, Tennessee and Arizona. But there have been losses to East Carolina, UMass, Northern Illinois, and now Toledo last Saturday. BYU’s two wins this season have both come in overtime, and the victory at Tennessee was a certified miracle. The Cougars aren’t too far from being 0-5 at this point.

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    Ouch! Another BYU beat down by Southern Florida and #14 Boise State is up next....

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    BYU has such a hard time with Florida teams...
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Great feature on Taysom Hill. Such an easy guy to root for.

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    BYU Football 2019

    Big win?

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    It's a big win in that is should get BYU into a bowl game which is huge. And the reason it's huge is it gets you two extra weeks of practice that teams use mostly to work with next years team and get a big jump on spring practice.

    It also helps in that people will stop referring to you as the shittiest team in Utah.... LMAO...

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    Zach Wilson is ready to go. Who should start?

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    Life is Good

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    BYU Football 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Card View Post
    Looks like it’s Wilson today. Does it matter? Idaho State (3-7)...and UMass (1-9).

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    Almost every team in the country was playing an important must win game Saturday....

    ....except BYU who is now into the high school portion of it's schedule.

    Independence SUCKS!

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    38 Hawaii
    34 BYU

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    BYU Football 2019

    Interesting game with absolutely no defense. I couldn’t believe how effortlessly the offenses walked up and down the field. Some questionable play calling and officiating if you ask cougar fans. That dump off pass on 3rd and 2 had me scratching my head. Zach Wilson didn’t gain many fans either.

    BYU fans are in mourning today, but some still think it was a successful season at 7-6, back to back years.

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    Very disappointing game. So many things to fix in the off season. But on the bright side, my smoked lobster mac and cheese and smoked turkey I prepared during the game for Christmas day turned out great!
    Life is Good

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