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Thread: Didn't have enough send (Snowmobile Crash Video)

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    Didn't have enough send (Snowmobile Crash Video)

    This is my brother, I did a little editing magic for him and threw it online. Some big Facebook pages are ripping this off and sharing it without giving credit, so I figured I'd better share it more with the proper credit.

    No injuries except a bit of pride, and maybe his back.

    Check out the goggles flying at the end

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    Is that his GoPro flying through the air at the end?

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    Next time tell your brother to go big or go home...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstone Addiction View Post
    Is that his GoPro flying through the air at the end?
    It's his goggles, coming off after a sweet scorpion

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    Let off the gas, that is the obvious outcome. Lots or rotating mass in the track

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    ha ha, my brother's crash made it to MSN, Yahoo, Weatherbug...

    Search for "Snowmobile Jump ends with a bump" for utah man

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