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Thread: Tempers flare after Nevada upset at Utah State

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    Tempers flare after Nevada upset at Utah State

    This is the video everyone is talking about:

    Nevada forward Jordan Caroline punched a glass fire extinguisher case outside the locker rooms after Utah State upset the No. 12 Wolf Pack on Saturday night in Logan, Utah.

    Utah State defeated Nevada 81-76 to take over first place in the Mountain West Conference by a half-game. Fans rushed onto the court immediately following the final whistle while Nevada players were ushered toward a hallway leading to the locker rooms.

    Video posted online by KUTV2 in Salt Lake City showed an agitated Caroline yelling and punching the glass of a fire extinguisher case, cutting his knuckle. He then had to be held back from returning back up the hallway.

    Nevada coach Eric Musselman and his assistants could then be heard on video yelling at police officers while alleging that fans touched Wolf Pack players as they left the court and that a Utah State assistant coach used profane language toward the team after the game.

    Nevada did not make players or coaches available to the media after the game.

    "We are working with officials from the Mountain West Conference and Utah State to gather more information about the events that occurred this evening in Logan," a Nevada spokesperson said.

    Utah State athletic director John Hartwell also said he would work with the conference to determine the causes of the incident and potential repercussions.

    "After being notified of an incident in the hallway of the locker rooms after the completion of the game, I have been consulting with Mountain West Senior Associate Commissioner Dan Butterly, who was in attendance at the game, and Nevada Deputy AD Rory Hickok, who was also in attendance at the game," Hartwell said in a statement. "In addition, I have spoken by phone with Nevada AD Doug Knuth and we will continue to gather information, including surveillance videos of exactly what happened, and work closely with the Mountain West Conference and the University of Nevada to determine what started the situation and how we are going to deal with those involved."

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    I find it wonderfully ironic that they are so worried about profane language being used against them when their little tantrum was 83% profane.

    Real story: Nevada lingered purposely in the shared hallway waiting for the slightest “provocation”. They were looking for a fight. They were asked to clear the hallway and they did not.

    Mistakes were made on both sides, but the coverage this morning seems to point the blame at USU exclusively, but that’s not really the whole story.

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    Whose fist ended up breaking the fire extinguisher glass? was a Nevada player?

    Must be Utah State's fault...
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Do me a favor, go to the 42 second mark and listen to all of the HO HO HOHOHOHO HO HO HO.... HO and ask where Hyper Santa is

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    Mountain West Conference, USU share findings for postgame altercation

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