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Thread: NFL Football 2019

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    Best part about this is he won't be announcing anymore.

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    Rookie Matt Gay wins Bucs’ kicking battle with Cairo Santos

    The Buccaneers kept rookie kicker Matt Gay, releasing Cairo Santos.

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    ^^^I just became a Buccaneers fan.
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Cam Newton said hold my beer AB. Lol

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    NFL Football 2019

    Da Raiders get the win!

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    NFL Football 2019

    Rams safety Eric Weddle was cleared from the NFL’s concussion protocol and is expected to play against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday at the Coliseum, coach Sean McVay said Friday.

    “I feel as normal as I’ve ever felt,” Weddle said after practice.

    Weddle, 34, was injured during the first half of the Rams’ season-opening victory over the Carolina Panthers when he attempted to tackle running back Christian McCaffrey, who was attempting to hurdle Weddle. McCaffrey’s left knee hit Weddle in the head, causing a bloody cut that Weddle said required seven stitches.

    A sharp edge inside the first layer of his helmet padding, and the impact of McCaffrey’s knee against his head, might have caused the cut, Weddle said.

    “Kind of a perfect-storm type stuff,” he said.

    Weddle was prone on the turf for several moments after the play. He eventually sat up, blood running down his neck and onto his jersey before he was carted from the field.

    “That first couple minutes, I don’t remember anything,” he said, “but then after that I was coherent. I knew the score, knew who we were playing, all the simple questions you ask to see if someone is there or not.

    “Like, I knew where I was at. The whole thing I was wondering was if I made the tackle or not.”

    A Rams representative called his wife, Chanel, when he was taken to the locker room, Weddle said. His family had been attending church when the game began.

    “She didn’t see it live, thank goodness, but she knows,” Weddle said. “She played college sports. She knows what this game is all about.”

    McCaffrey expressed concern after the game, Weddle said.

    “When you see an injury like that, you’re always hoping for the best because we are a brotherhood and we compete, but … you never want to see someone hurt,” Weddle said.

    Weddle said he got “knocked out” and suffered a concussion in 2012 while playing for the Chargers against the Baltimore Ravens. He played the next week.

    The injury against the Panthers shortened Weddle’s Rams debut. Before the collision with McCaffrey, he called defensive signals and had made six tackles, the kind of effort the Rams anticipated when they signed the 12-year veteran as a free agent.

    “I was flying around,” he said. “I felt like I was 25. Not a care in the world.”

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    Weak Two: Empty Seats Outnumber Fans in Several NFL Stadiums

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    This is interesting and I noticed it as well. Could be leftover resentment from the Kaep situation, but I believe that has faded a lot.

    More likely the high ticket prices, easy streaming of every game in minutes, and proliferation of big screen setups. Just not as fun to expend 5 or 6 hours total for a live game vs home in most cases. This gets more pronounced every year.

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    Somehow Antonio Brown managed to screw the unscrewable pooch...

    .....he went from being guaranteed $30 million this year to making just $150k for the year.

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...

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    It’s comedy gold on AB’s twitter page...

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