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Thread: Lambs Knoll Canyoneering question

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    Lambs Knoll Canyoneering question

    I know where Lambs Knoll is, but does anybody have information as to where to find the start of Snake Alley or Sidewinder? Also, looking for a brief description as to how many raps there are. Which one is more kid friendly and which one is ZAC less likely to use, as we are trying to stay out of their way, if possible. Thanks.

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    Lambs Knoll is the highest-use canyon in the Zion area, including canyons in Zion, with as many as 10 trips a day by the local guide services. Which is why I do not provide information to self-guided parties.

    It's too bad (not really) that Keyhole has water in it usually, because when dry, Keyhole would be a nice equivalent. I've looked for other canyons in the Kid-friendly/short day category and have not found any. Lower Fridge is a short day, but not exactly kid nor beginner friendly. You might try Diana's Throne canyon on the East Side.


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    Muwhahahaha you’ll never get the info!
    Also if you go you will get serious cold shoulders disguised as smiles.
    I asked about it once or twice a few years ago and got nothing. So I went to Diana’s throne :/ and red hollow, and Kanabs peek a boo.
    If ya go tell em all I said hello

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