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Thread: Bonneville Speedweek 2019

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    ***From Carbinite Team

    Quick update! Robís trach was removed on Sunday and the site is healing nicely. The blood thinner is now regulated. So we were given the go ahead for transfer. God is good!

    With a storm approaching, and since the medical flight team was close to Salt Lake, we flew this morning in this private jet. For a number of reasons, I decided that our home would be the best place to start the next phase of our journey. Friends and family worked for over a week to prepare the rooms, and they did a fantastic job. We arrived at our house in PA around 5:30pm. The ground ambulance transportation in Utah and PA were fantastic, and the flight team was superb. All went very smoothly.

    For those of you that are local, we are anxious to see you. But need some time to readjust after 66 days in Utah. Please, no unscheduled visitation. When we are ready, we will post a visitation sign-up so Rob is not overwhelmed.

    Many thanks and blessings to our friends and family around the world, many who may never see this since they are not on Facebook. We appreciate all of you so much!

    Sue and Family

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    Update from Carbinite LSR.....

    We want to thank all of you for not pestering us with questions about what happened and respecting our time to deal with the important matters since the accident. It has definitely been a roller coaster since the crash in September, but we are finally ready to share a few details. There was one video, from a phone at a distance, that has given us the most insight. Just before Rob loses control, he passed between 2 quarter mile flags in 2 seconds, so his speed was probably approaching 450 mph. The severity of the crash did not allow us to retrieve any data or video from the car itself. It seems that the cause of the accident was a left rear blown tire. After the tire blew, the car pulled to the left. Once the car was sideways the air lifted the car, coming down nose first and then tumbling. The majority of the car disintegrated and left debris over a mile. The cage however, was completely intact and hardly even bent, preserving Robís life. His body barely had a scratch, but if you have been following the posts you understand the seriousness of the brain injury caused from the force associated with crashing at that speed. Goodyear thoroughly investigated and determined the tire did not blow due to centrifugal failure, side load failure or overheating. What is left of the wheel wells does not show signs of over expansion when comparing the 2 sides. There is not enough of the cap left to determine exactly what caused the tire to blow, but most likely we hit some type of debris on the salt. We say that not to blame anyone, as we understood the risks involved, but want to help make racing on the salt as safe as possible in the future. The USFRA, first responders and the entire racing community were amazing immediately following the crash and have continued to show incredible support to Rob, Sue and our team. Rob continues his rehab, and while very frustrated at times, he continues to make progress as he learns how to talk, walk and do all the things he remembers and desires to do again. He does not remember the crash, but the rest of his memory is pretty much fully restored. He is still in a full time brain injury rehab program in Pittsburgh, working on speech, physical and occupational therapy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Speed Demon leaves Speedweek with the Hot Rod Trophy with goes to the fastest time of the event at 369 mph.
    Speed Demon will unleash the nuclear option on the salt in 2020...

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