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Thread: Bonneville Speedweek 2019

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    Bonneville Speedweek 2019

    The hot young stripper wife and I will be on the Salt August 9 thru 11. Speedweek LSR runs will be August 10 thru 16.

    If you book right now through you can get a room for $95 a night at the Red Garter. That price is unheard of for Speedweek when rooms usually go for $300 a night with a three night minimum so book now.

    Come out for the day, for a night, or for the entire weekend. We always have a great time.

    And the guy in the picture with my young daughters is Andy Green, who is the world land speed record holder at 763 MPH.

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    Hmmmm...sounds like a great way to make a few extra bucks. Buy 10 rooms, flip them for a few grand.
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    It seems fitting that the Utah-built Turbinator is scheduled to make the first run on the Bonneville Salt Flats on Saturday when the 71st annual Speed Week opens.

    That’s because the vehicle, designed by Rick Vesco in his Rockville garage near Zion National Park, had quite a 2018 season on the salt.

    It culminated with a top speed of 503.332 miles per hour last October in the World of Speed event. The Turbinator had the fastest top speed of 470.605 miles per hour last year and set the fastest national Bonneville car record and the fastest wheel-driven flying mile.

    Jinx Vesco, spokesperson for the Vesco team, said that the sponsoring Southern California Timing Association wanted the Turbinator to be first in line Saturday when racing is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

    “If we qualify, we will spend Saturday in impound and run again Sunday,” she said of thevehicle driven by Californian Dave Spangler.

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    Speedweek 2019 has been pushed back one day because of last night's rain and land speed runs will begin on Sunday. The hot young trophy wife and I are just packing up to leave. We'll be on The Salt Friday to Monday. Here are a couple pictures from last year....

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    So we drove the Daytona out. We are on The Salt, but I'm betting no LSR will be run until Monday as there is still a lot of water from last night's rain.

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    Speedweek 2019 audio. If you listen during the day this is the live event broadcast.

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    Pretty sexy Daytona, Ice. I thought for sure you'd have the car accompanied with bikini models...

    Doesn't the salt corrode the hell outta whatever vintage vehicle you roll out there?
    Office Spacing

    When a worker in a menial, white collar job simply skips a day (or several) without explanation to his boss or coworkers.

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    The Salt is terrible for corrosion and the first thing I do with any car I drive off the salt is head to the nearest car wash.

    I've always felt cars are made to be driven and not trophies to be collected and displayed in the garage, so I drive my cars :-)

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    The rain storm last week destroyed the salt for Speedweek. There is only 6 miles of useable racetrack and that is shitty. Speed Demon swapped out their big motor for their E class motor (287ci) and just ran 332mph, which is fast time of the meet so far.

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    How often do you hear or see drones out there getting some shots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    How often do you hear or see drones out there getting some shots?
    I have never seen a drone at Speedweek.

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    8/15/19 Speedweek calls it quits due to deteriorating track conditions.

    The fastest of the meet is Speed Demon at 369 mph. That's a long ways from the 400 and 500 mph runs we saw last year.

    The SCTA & BNI has done everything humanly possible to provide the best racing surface. Weather conditions have hampered course preparation to the point that the 3 race course can’t be improved at this time. Hopefully there will be better salt in October for World Finals.

    Hope to see you all there.

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    Speed Demon leaves Speedweek with the Hot Rod Trophy with goes to the fastest time of the event at 369 mph.

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    For those who have asked me about the car that crashed today at World of Speed. The car was the #496 Carbinite and was traveling over 350 mph when the crash occured. Rob Freyvogel is the driver and he is in ICU at the University of Utah.

    CT scan was “relatively” good, no major bleeding or swelling. Rob is very sleepy but responds to touch and pain but not auditory commands. Some facial fractures are the only broken bones, but they are currently a minor concern. I'm told Rob is in pretty good physical condition, which is amazing.

    The car all but disintegrated from the impact yet the cockpit is almost undamaged. Rob was 100% contained in that cockpit.

    This has always been one of my favorite cars because it is so unique.

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