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Thread: Winter months are great months to visit White Pocket, Arizona (Utah Border)

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    Winter months are great months to visit White Pocket, Arizona (Utah Border)

    When people review White Pocket, they often say that it is just as good as the famous Wave, yet it costs nothing to go. The only trick is getting their. The sand can be so treacherous that people often get stuck and have to deflate their tires to 18 psi to make it through. Then have the make sure they have an air compressor to re pump up their tires when they finally make it out.
    But when the sand is frozen and wet, it is not as difficult to make it in. Just be careful to navigate those trenches wisely to decide if staying in the ruts is smart, or if it will shred your tires.

    We made it in, and I was shocked with how incredible this place is. We can't wait to go again, for we discovered more places there we want to explore, and a storm made us evacuate early.

    I made a Google Earth Trail here if you want to check it out. You can view it on Google Earth, or my blog
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    Happy Hiking

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    wet sand is great, as long as other parts of the road (or earlier access) are not slick clay. Broadly speaking, air down before going off-road. Last time I tried White Pocket the underside of my Jeep Liberty 4x4 was dragging on the sand between the tire tracks, so we turned around. Will try again this year after giving the car a small lift.

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