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Thread: New Years road trip...

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    New Years road trip...

    Spent Dec 28 to Jan 1st in a motel at Hanksville to do canyons in the North Wash. "Adjacent" to the Freeze Fest, you can say...ran into Mr. Jones down at Hog Springs. Was there with friends and had a great time despite snow and some serious cold air, especially in the mornings. A couple of canyons we wanted to do were impossible because of the snow. Went to Vegas to mountain bike and then to the Grand Canyon. Was there when the big snowstorm hit.

    Red Rocks campground just west of Vegas was closed (bummer) but Lake Mead was open and camping was free. The Grand was open and everything was fine there, too. The "shutdown" saved me more than $100 in camping fees.

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    ^^^That morning shot over the Grand Canyon is breathtaking.

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    That shot was actually late in the afternoon. It had been snowing hard all day with zero visibility. The snow on the south side was all the way down to the Tonto...Indian Gardens got at least two inches. I was going to backpack down for a few days but the last time I hiked out with heavy snow, I declared never again in those conditions.

    The problem is that with people venturing down a ways and bit of melt, the trail becomes an ice sheet. Climbing all the way up from the Supai on a glacier sucks.
    It is the scent of garlic
    That lingers on my chocolate fingers

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    Which North Wash canyons did you do?

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    Leps, Blarney?...ya know, that one to the north. A couple of the 3 is my favorite. Also Hogwarts. Mostly 3/4 type days with the exception of the Hogs.

    Wanted to get Shenanigans and Slidenaide but no dice.

    The top pic is heading for Middle Lep from the top. The first half of the slot was sketchy in spots with the slippery snow, but the chamber was dry. Gotta be more careful when it's like this.
    It is the scent of garlic
    That lingers on my chocolate fingers

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    Bob Allan has a nice report on our time in the NW on his blog.
    It is the scent of garlic
    That lingers on my chocolate fingers

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