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Thread: Catstair Canyon Paria Utah

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    Catstair Canyon Paria Utah

    I was driving to Flagstaff Arizonia, and we saw this cool slot canyon off the side of the road near Paria, Utah. We pulled off, and as I was hiking this cool slot canyon called Catstair Canyon, I turned the corner, and there was this wall of 1960 automobiles. I am not kidding. I guess to fill in the gaps in this crazy uneven landscape, they decided to use old automobiles to fill in the gaps, then cover it with dirt. Such a fun discovery. You can read more about it and walk the area in 360 degrees on my blog. Name:  Catstair_Canyon_Paria_utah_Stacked_Cars.jpg
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    Happy Hiking

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    Did you venture further down the canyon and check out the Petro/Pictograph site ?

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    Wow! That's weird!

    Thanks again for yet another unique trip report Shauna.
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    I am so mad I didn't. I had whiny teenage girls with us, and just stumbled on it. When I did the research later, I decided I will have to make a second trip.
    Happy Hiking

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    My hubby and I visited Catstair a couple years ago and I recall that I'd read somewhere that there's another similar "road construction" place like that north and maybe a little west of Catstair. However, I can't remember where it was and haven't been able to find a mention of it on the web. Anybody know what I'm talking about??

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